This page contains a Java application to solve the Sunday Telegraph "Griddler" puzzle.

"Griddler" puzzles define a grid onto which blocks of black cells have to be fitted.

First define the size of the grid. The size of the blocks that have to be placed onto each line are defined for each row and column of cells. The blocks are defined in the order they appear – left to right or top to bottom respectively.

You can speed up or slow down the program or skip the showing of intermediate steps. You can pause the program and change these parameters in flight.

This program, which was designed and developed by Martin Barrell, solves the problem by sliding the blocks along each line and identifying which cells can only be black or white and repeating this process until the puzzle is solved.

Help information will be included in the next release - in the mean time you should find that everything is relatively self explanatory.

Run the demo with the default options to see how it works - then speed it up or use it to solve your own problems.

All feedback gratefully received by the author at martin@martinbarrell.com



Sorry you need to have Java to run this